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Since healthcare clients are facing multi-million dollar fines for violations of HIPAA law by their business associates, these companies are requiring data centers and cloud providers to provide an annual third-party independent HIPAA report on compliance.
We are all in this together!
Your business associates, and their associates, and their ....


Business Associates must follow all HIPAA rules and notify their medical partners of any breach - and in some cases they must notify the patients - if medical data in their possession is compromised or lost.

Train all Employees on HIPAA and the Business Associate Requirements.
Your staff has to be trained and attend a refresher course each year.  We can supply courses for all of your staff at each level. 
We will supply all training materials and logs to be kept for HIPAA compliance.
Review all policies and procedures


Many people overlook the fact that copiers and printers, to mention two, have hard drives that contain electronic protected health information (ePHI).  What do you do with that information when the machine has to be returned or replaced?  Are you setting yourself up for a security breach? 


We will inspect all of your electronic information for possible problems.

All working as one can let you sleep easier at night!


If we ignore HIPAA, it will not go away, in fact it is only getting worst.  New practices have always been added to the "wall of shame".  Fines vary from $25,000 to $1.5 Million for each violation, not counting prison time for the most criminal offenses.  Then you would have to deal with the embarrassment when it is placed in the media's hands.